Managing your people is just as important as managing your assets. The Teams portal of Atom displays filtered information regarding employees including their associated activities, teams, divisions, status, and other background information.


An understanding of each team member’s workload, location, and schedule is necessary in order to maximize their effectiveness. Atom simplifies this with an easy to use Team dashboard that is integrated across all portals on the dashboard to reduce duplicated information and improve data accuracy. This also seamlessly enables staff to be monitored across multiple metrics including hours, budget, teams, work orders, and assets.


Easy administrative tools control user and team access to the system with permission controls to grant or limit access to application features. This allows managers to simplify their team members’ efficiencies by only granting access to areas pertaining to their field of work.


Intuitive filtration enables users to search for key team members with requested skills, certifications, and budget to assign critical work orders. Additionally, team productivity can be filtered based on projects scheduled, in progress, or completed as well as budget funds applied to specific work orders or assets.