Alabama Department of Transportation Kicks-off Atom for Maintenance Management Project!

Alabama Department of Transportation Kicks-off Atom for Maintenance Management Project!

John Biesak


March 15, 2023

The Atom team is thrilled to announce that ALDOT has officially kicked off its Atom project with our team! This decision to choose Atom was made to drive efficiency, simplify workflows, consolidate processes and data, and ensure responsible use of taxpayer money within Alabama. With Atom, ALDOT is poised to optimize maintenance practices, streamline operations, and deliver a higher level of service to the citizens of Alabama. Some key items the Atom team looks forward to helping ALDOT with: 

Streamlined Efficiency and User-Friendly Interface: Atom brings enhanced efficiency to ALDOT’s maintenance operations through its user-friendly interface. The software simplifies workflows, automates work order generation, and prioritizes tasks all while accurately tracking labor, equipment and material usage. This enables ALDOT to respond promptly, improve asset performance, and accomplish more with existing resources.

Consolidated Workflows and Data Management: Atom serves as a centralized hub, consolidating ALDOT’s maintenance workflows and data management. By eliminating silos and promoting collaboration, ALDOT can share information seamlessly across teams and departments. This consolidation minimizes duplication, reduces errors, and facilitates better decision-making with real-time data access.

Responsible Allocation of Taxpayer Funds: Atom supports ALDOT in responsibly managing taxpayer money. By providing comprehensive analytic dashboards, Atom will enable ALDOT to have a better view into maintenance activities, costs, and asset performance. The software’s reporting and analytics features facilitate data-driven decision-making, ensuring funds are allocated effectively and maximizing the return on investment.

The Atom team is extremely excited about the long term partnership with the State of Alabama and we look forward to a successful implementation of our platform to address ALDOT’s maintenance needs! 

If you and your organization have needs pertaining to asset and maintenance management, work order distribution, mobile data collection, or other related industry practices, please contact the Atom team to see how we can help your organization more efficiently leverage your data today!

- The Atom Team