Joe Kosco welcomed as Executive Vice President of Sales of Atom!

Joe Kosco welcomed as Executive Vice President of Sales of Atom!

John Biesak


October 1, 2022

The Atom team is proud to announce that Joe Kosco, the previous Executive Vice President of Sales at SADA, has joined the Atom team! Joe has done an outstanding job leading and building the strongest sales team in the Google reseller space over the last 10+ years. During Joe’s time leading the SADA sales team, SADA has seen explosive growth and has continued to expand its footprint within the Google reseller ecosystem and helped make SADA the largest Google Partner globally. 

Joe joins Atom with 20 years of experience in tech and is bringing his outstanding resume of success at SADA to help grow the Atom team’s product offerings, enter new markets, and build one of the most dynamic sales teams in the space. 

“The market for the next generation of SaaS-based applications that help organizations operate more efficiently and streamline business processes is exploding. SADA is at the forefront of another huge technology tsunami that will sweep through many industries in the decade. I’m excited to be part of SADA’s SaaS-based product team which is poised to ride this wave over the next 5 to 10 years.”

The main goal of the Atom team is always to find individuals who properly fit into the culture of our team, add value and share our passion for delivering meaningful software solutions to our clients and people they serve. We are extremely excited about Joe joining our team and look forward to the added success he will surely bring as we move forward in our journey.


- The Atom Team