We are Atom

Atom, created by Google, LLC; SADA Systems, Inc.; and Collins Engineers, Inc., provides an in-depth solution to managing assets, resources, data, and analytics in an easy-to-use application.

SADA Systems, Inc.

SADA, founded in 2000, is a software development firm with over 200 employees and is made up of security directors, third-party auditing agencies, and other varying aspects of Service Level Agreement and Intellectual Property endeavors. During this time, SADA was one of the first partners with Google showing steady growth. SADA was named the Global Partner of the Year in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Collins Engineers, Inc.

Established in 1979, Collins has managed the entire lifecycle of transportation assets for counties as well as federal, state, and municipal agencies. As an engineering firm, Collins consists of over 250 employees, over 100 of which are engineers located among the 24 offices throughout the country. Their experience ensures Atom maintains a focus on the end-users and future innovations, as well as a core user/field-friendly functionality for all aspects of the asset maintenance process.

Google, LLC

Google’s design philosophy has evolved into ‘mobile first,’ which is precisely what Atom follows in building any updates/enhancements to the application. Mobile functionality is designed to include offline functionality in order to reduce high data usage amounts or loss of work when a mobile connection is not available. Atom enables a quality assurance/quality control process that can be configured with and for each organization.