Professional Services

Our Services Unit

The Atom Professional Services Unit is compiled of some of our top tier project managers, developers, designers, and quality assurance engineers. Coming from companies such as Accenture, our Services Unit focuses on the customer while our product team works in close alignment to ensure anything beyond customizations properly fits into our product roadmap.

Your Integration

Atom allows users to quickly and easily create their own environment, however, there may be instances of customizations whether it be workflow driven or implementation orientated. Our team is familiar with a variety of implementation types ranging from financial systems, to enterprise resource planning, and fleet management hardware.

Our Support Unit

The Atom Support Unit is multifaceted and helps organizations in a multitude of ways. From change management to feature understanding, our support team focuses on you and how to make your Atom environment great. Our team has a 1-hour, 24/7 Service Level Agreement based on your organization’s licensing, and works tirelessly to ensure your environment is supported to suit your team’s needs.