Safety and Compliance

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Compliance and Permitting

The Atom team has significant experience in regulatory needs for: Transportation, Utilities, Stormwater, Construction, Rail, Pavement, Structures, Traffic, Facilities, and more. Atom has unique data requirements, work templates, reporting structure, system integration, and form templates for maintaining compliance and standards.

Ensuring and Tracking

Atom allows users to setup reports, workflows, priority, and analytics to track compliance standards such as FHWA regulation, MS4 processes, NBI reporting, FRA compliance, FAA compliance, PHMSA compliance, general EPA standards and more. Atom also integrates with several permitting systems and has adopted workflows to ensure successful permit compliance.

Print Your Reports

Atom provides users with the ability to generate custom or templated printed reports. The Atom team can also support automated data generation to be stored in any on premises environment for security purposes. Should users choose to customize the report, users can control the legend, letterhead, cover photos, data reported, and more to meet compliance requirements.