Utah Department of Transportation is Changing the Way They Work with Atom

Utah Department of Transportation is Changing the Way They Work with Atom

The Atom Team


July 1, 2022

The Atom team is excited to announce that we have officially gone live as the new statewide maintenance management system in the great State of Utah! After working closely with the UDOT team during the implementation process to properly understand their needs and existing workflows, we rolled out a highly configured version of Atom to the state to support some of its most critical asset and maintenance management use cases on both desktop and mobile. Atom Mobile will also empower Utah with native offline functionality for its users in the field who regularly encounter spotty cell reception and lack of connectivity. Not only will Atom help the state better track and understand their assets, maintenance, labor, equipment and materials, but with Atom’s ability to scale, it’s an application that will grow with UDOT as their needs and requirements continue to evolve for years to come.

The main focus of the Atom team is always to deliver easy-to-use solutions to entities like UDOT. We feel the sky’s the limit when it comes to what Atom can support and the positive impact the platform can engender inside such government organizations. Allowing teams to better collaborate and understand their data – and how taxpayer money is ultimately being spent – is at the core of what the Atom team expects to deliver to UDOT and all of our clients. Our team could not be more excited about this recent deployment, and we eagerly look forward to working alongside the UDOT team to continue to make Atom the best application it can possibly be!

If you and your organization have needs pertaining to asset and maintenance management, work order distribution, mobile data collection, or other related industry practices, please contact the Atom team to see how we can help your organization more efficiently leverage your data today!

- The Atom Team