• Reshaping the Future of Asset Management


  • Collect Data in the Field Online and Offline


  • Manage All Assets, from Fixed Assets to Fleet and Equipment


  • Integrate Multiple Sources of Data


  • Share Real-Time Information with the Public



What Makes Atom Unique?


Understanding Atom


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Streamline Your Processes

Atom’s customizable dashboard allows you to automate your current work order creation and distribution process. Users are able to submit work orders upon completion saving time and money.

A Solution Built for You






Work Orders


Public Usage


Atom was built based on Google’s application and design principles, ensuring high-levels of user adoption with minimal training. Atom’s intuitive interface simplifies complex functions into more efficient processes.


Atom is a web-based platform with native mobile functionality. This offline access allows field personnel to submit work orders via their mobile phone, creating an enhanced system and streamlined workflow for data collection.


Users are able to quickly create their own ‘Work Space’ specific to their organization, department and role. Atom allows the ability to customize forms including work orders, inspections and report templates based on specific asset types.

Who Do We Help?

State Officials

  • Make asset investment decisions based on real-time data and improve resource spending ROI
  • Drive compliance with Map-21 and future regulatory standards
  • Get a complete view of your asset lifecycle on one easy-to-use interface

Civil Engineers

  • Utilize Google’s location services functionality for scheduling, asset locating and traffic alerts
  • Quickly get access to asset history to eliminate unnecessary asset maintenance procedures
  • Submit work orders and upload asset data from any device

Public Works Managers

  • Prioritize work orders and tasks for improved project planning, resource allocation and execution
  • Minimize operational costs through predictive analytics and reporting
  • Ensure asset life is optimized and complies with government regulation

What Makes Atom Unique?

Data Integration

  • Built on an open platform, Atom provides large acceptance of databases
  • Atom provides Active Directory Sync – eliminating separate logins
  • Atom provides a proprietary integration to Linear Referencing Systems
  • Atom provides direct integration with ESRI

Proprietary Technology

  • Fully capable offline mapping and custom satellite imagery
  • Fully capable offline work order flow to mobile/tablet application
  • Custom content feed from and to the public version of Google Maps
  • Proprietary priority calculations on risk/cost modeling and more

Public Interaction

  • Atom has an exclusive relationship with the public-facing Google Maps
  • Atom enables Waze to show users real-time updates
  • A portal is provided to track public display of information and usage
  • Users can create maps and more to share from Atom to the public

Atom In The News

SADA Systems and Collins Engineers Launch Asset-Management Tool

“There are a lot of inefficiencies in asset management and we saw an opportunity to help not only government agencies, but any related organization that needs to manage large volumes of dynamic assets and keep them well-maintained.”

January 9, 2017

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SADA Systems, Google’s Largest Maps Reseller, Takes The Plunge Into ISV Territory With New App

“Google Maps location services make possible the accumulation of anonymized data from Android phones to build models for estimating traffic and integrating with other mapping providers, like Esri, while taking advantage of everything that makes Google unique in the mapping space.”

January 9, 2017

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SADA, Collins Introduce Asset Management System for Government Fleets

“Our system is an open source-based system, meaning we can interact and integrate with a multitude of different types of databases, whether it’s a fleet system, whether it’s an ESRI linear referencing system, a SQL database, an access database…”

January 9, 2017

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Who Built Atom?



Google provides best in practice architecture design and the world’s largest consumer-based mapping platform in Google Maps. Google leverages the power of over a billion monthly users to understand human behavior such as: traffic, person(s) density in the public way, how often an intersection is crossed and more.



Founded in 2000, SADA Systems is a privately-held global leader in providing business and technology consulting services that transform organizations through cloud-based solutions. In 2013, SADA became a Google Maps Premier Partner, and helped transform the role of partners in the realm of Geospatial technologies within Google. Named Google Global Partner of the Year for Google Maps in 2014 and 2015, SADA:geo has a successful track record of delivering geospatial technologies in varying segments.



Collins Engineers, Inc. brings a civil engineering perspective to Atom implementations for clients. Collins leverages decades of engineering experience, specifically in the infrastructure maintenance field, when providing system design and feature request feedback in order to ensure that the end result is the best available option meeting the client’s needs. This type of experience ensures that Atom maintains the core user-friendly functionality for all aspects of the infrastructure maintenance process.