Utility And Water Management

Stormwater | MS4

Atom allows organizations to plan and act in accordance to Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4.) Atom allows for Stormwater Management and overall compliance by locating appropriate water treatment areas while enabling field data collection to identify water type vs. amount and more. The Analytics portal of Atom can also provide near-real-time feeds of individual areas.

Utility Assets

Atom allows users to track equipment, meters, users, managers, and more. Users can also track and forecast potential work needed based on IoT data feeds. The Atom team is compiled of some of the world’s leading IoT experts.

Facilities Management

Atom allows users to customize the mapping experience by uploading floor plans that will overlay relative to the building. Users will be able to scroll through floor levels and identify unique items within a building. Managers can track users in real-time relative to an area and associated assets.