The Priority portal provides a centralized location where variables of an assets health can be identified in a user-defined calculator to understand risk. With a viable estimation of risk you can prioritize the timing of your projects.

Priority Management

The priority portal provides a centralized location for all critical risk factors of an asset. This visual repository simplifies the decision process by reducing the need for multiple sources of data reports. Agencies can quickly glean insights into the current health of an asset.


Atom’s predictive analytics and deterioration models enables agencies to predict the occurrence of failures. With this data, users are able to improve asset performance, asset preservation, and maintenance schedule to maximize their overall ROI. Organizations have the ability to customize their key performance indicators in order to best measure risk applicable to their industry and asset.

Regulatory Compliance

Atom’s risk-based asset management software ensures agencies are complying with MAP-21 and the Transportation Asset Management Plan (TAMP). Our software allows you to make investment decisions more transparent, and communicate how your asset investment decisions are maximizing economic development and sustainability.