Mapping your Space

Atom provides an out-of-the-box robust mapping solution. We also seamlessly integrates with ESRI, harnessing its powerful mapping capabilities to provide users with rich spatial visualization and analysis tools. By leveraging ESRI’s robust mapping infrastructure, Atom enables users to effortlessly overlay geospatial data, perform advanced spatial queries, and gain valuable insights from geographic information. Whether it’s visualizing complex datasets or conducting spatial analysis, Atom empowers users to make informed decisions with confidence.

Create Work from your Map

You can create work in real-time from the mapping environment and assign to users. You are also able to do this in bulk, pick specific templates and more. Atom’s mapping environment enables you to understand your surroundings whether it be traffic, other assigned work, other assets in the area and more.

Understand Asset Details

Atom allows you to view specific details of an asset. All assets can be customized by you. Atom also allows you to track changes over time whether an individual has moved the location of an asset or the condition rating of an asset has changed over time. Users can edit asset location and information directly from Atom which is then sent to your geospatial database upon approval.

Navigate to Your Work

Mapping is core to our mobile environment. Atom allows you to identify work assigned to you as well as your team. Once identified, you can navigate to the location of the work or the asset, check-in and complete your tasks. Atom has 1,000’s of users on our mobile applications and is a seamless transition from laptop or pen-and-paper.