Atom, dotMaps, and Coordinate Move to AtomAI Solutions!

Atom, dotMaps, and Coordinate Move to AtomAI Solutions!

John Biesak


April 8, 2024

Atom, dotMaps, and Coordinate Move to AtomAI Solutions!

We are thrilled to announce that AtomAI Solution, Inc (AtomAI) has acquired the software technology and products (under the trademarks of Atom and Coordinate), as well as all employees who develop and support the applications for a large customer roster. AtomAI’s core mission is to develop, support, and market enterprise-grade software for asset management, work order scheduling, permitting, and project management. 

A Few of Our Clients

We serve a number of state clients, such as Utah, Arkansas, Alabama, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Michigan and more. 

We also work with counties such as Hennepin, King, Caroline and more. 

n addition to states and counties, we have many cities leveraging AtomAI and Coordinate platform(s). This includes cities such as Chicago, Seattle, San Diego, Austin, Detroit, San Francisco, Indianapolis and more. 

A Legacy of Innovation

Software development has been a cornerstone of the Atom Team for more than a decade, and over the past few years,the Atom Team has  grown into a distinct entity. That legacy will now continue on under the  AtomAI banner, which is led by the same leadership and executives who pioneered the products from their very inception.

Fueling Future Growth

The AtomAI team has achieved exceptional year-over-year growth, and this move positions AtomAI Solutions for even greater long-term success. Under the new organizational structure, there is far greater capacity to invest in our customers’ success; focusing on continuous innovation and the integration of cutting-edge technologies such as GenAI.

We remain committed to our primary areas of focus, which include workforce management, maintenance management, mobile development, asset management, equipment maintenance, infrastructure planning, project coordination, permitting, and other pivotal domains where we are revolutionizing the methods of work.

We are also establishing new key areas of growth in: data engineering, generative artificial intelligence, large dataset manipulations, and more.

Recent Features

Atom Dashboard
Atom’s new Dashboard feature introduces a centralized hub for actionable insights into everything from analytics to assets, recent updates, work, and more, all of which are configured by the user to ensure relevance for their distinct use cases. Take advantage of prebuilt cards that can be readily enabled or disabled as you see fit, and introduce embeddable objects (i.e., Analytics reports, traffic data, weather feeds, etc.) easily via the Dashboard customization menu.

Coordinate Workflow Builder
Coordinate is introducing a new feature that provides optimization towards an otherwise linear practice. Workflow Builder introduces a configurable and robust means for customization towards unique workflows. Administrators can create, attach, and assign tasks to records and users to form relationships between said entities. Users have the freedom of form customization to implement the appropriate workflow that is best suited for respective coordination efforts.

Thank you!

We’re incredibly excited about this new chapter and immensely grateful to all of our clients and partners. We look forward to discussing this amazing news with you all further! Feel free to reach out to us with any questions at:

- The Atom Team