The Atom Team Is Assisting The Railroad Industry with FRA Compliance

The Atom Team Is Assisting The Railroad Industry with FRA Compliance

John Biesak


April 1, 2023

The railroad industry is subject to stringent safety regulations enforced by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA). Compliance with these regulations is critical for ensuring the safety of passengers, workers, and employees. Through the use of the Atom Maintenance Management Suite, the railroad industry can more actively monitor, enforce, and ensure compliance. 

Atom software is a comprehensive solution that is currently being used to manage the maintenance and repair of railroad assets, such as locomotives, rail cars, and track equipment. The software offers a range of features that empowers railroads’ adherence to FRA regulations, including tracking and managing preventative maintenance tasks, managing work orders and inspections, and providing real-time data on the condition of critical assets.

As a non-asset-specific asset and maintenance management solution, Atom got its start in state and local government agencies. Its initial focus, more than 5 years ago, emphasized the provision of robust asset management solutions to government entities, including the Utah Department of Transportation and Hennepin County. However, as the software and team evolved and expanded its capabilities, we have begun to attract the attention of other industries in need of easy-to-use and highly capable solutions — including the railroad industry. 

Atom’s ability to track and manage preventative maintenance tasks, work orders, and inspections makes it a natural fit for industries that rely heavily on equipment, asset management and compliance. Today, Atom continues to be used by a wide range of industries, from transportation to transit/rail and, as a team, we look forward to assisting both new and existing customers with their maintenance, compliance and asset management needs. 

If your organization is looking for innovative solutions in asset and maintenance management, work order distribution, mobile data collection, or other industry practices, don’t hesitate to contact the Atom team! We’re here to help you harness the power of your data and revolutionize the way you manage your assets. Get in touch with us today and let’s shape the future of asset and compliance management together!

- The Atom Team