Utah Department of Transportation Chooses Atom for ITS Maintenance Management Contract!

Utah Department of Transportation Chooses Atom for ITS Maintenance Management Contract!

John Biesak


March 1, 2023

The Atom team is absolutely thrilled to announce that we have officially been awarded the ITS Maintenance contract by the Utah Department Of Transportation! This incredible milestone comes after our successful collaboration with UDOT during the implementation of its larger statewide maintenance management system, which went live in the summer of 2022. Now, with the award of the ITS contract, UDOT eagerly anticipates the convenience of consolidating all of their assets under a single, unified system!

Our primary goal for this game-changing project is to empower the State of Utah to manage its Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) with maximal effectiveness within the Atom application. By providing ITS users with the same user-friendly interface and powerful functionality as their maintenance counterparts, we’ll be making it easier to manage complex infrastructure and transportation systems. This coincides ideally with the surge of federal infrastructure dollars flowing to state governments, increasing the criticality of states being able to manage all their assets with precision across both ITS and Maintenance instances. In consideration of these converging considerations, the Atom team is more dedicated than ever to making this process efficient, collaborative, and headache-free!

With the advent of go-live alongside the ITS group, UDOT will have the unprecedented ability to manage, organize, and visualize all state assets within a single system. This will eliminate the need for isolated databases and close the gaps between different departments, streamlining the entire infrastructure management process and leaving the Utah taxpayers to rest assured that their government is allocating resources and funding in the most effective manner, maximizing the positive impact on the state’s transportation systems.

If your organization is looking for innovative solutions in asset and maintenance management, work order distribution, mobile data collection, or other industry practices, don’t hesitate to contact the Atom team! We’re here to help you harness the power of your data and revolutionize the way you manage your assets. Get in touch with us today and let’s shape the future of infrastructure management together!

- The Atom Team